VIA is a support structure for shelves made of three steel tubes held in place by interwoven metal plates. It is easy to assemble and dismantle, packs away neatly and can accommodate shelves of any material or length, altogether making VIA a useful element in order to create any type of shelving unit or similar.
It is sold in units – a minimum of two units are required.
This design includes optional accessories consisting in 5 solid wood shelves.


Gray sablé

Oak wood veneer with colorless matt varnish

Beech wood veneer with colorless matt varnish


Choose one of the available sets:

x – 2500mm
y – 379mm
z – 1748mm

x – 3500mm
y – 379mm
z – 1748mm

x – 2540mm
y – 2540mm
z – 1748mm

x – 3540mm
y – 2540mm
z – 1748mm

Technical features

Column made up of 25mm diameter metal tubes joined together by metal snap-on fixing arms.Tubes and arms coated with epoxy powder paint. With polypropylene ground support levellers.

Shelves made of solid oak or beech wood coated with colorless matt varnish.

Shelf depth: 300mm
Shelf thickness: 50mm

About Estudio Carme Pinós

For over 20 years, the studio founded and led by Carme Pinós has undertaken outstanding national and international projects, working on creations within very diverse contexts, frameworks, programs and scales in countries such as Mexico, Austria and France. Estudio Carme Pinós works on a wide range of typologies – from urban layouts, parks, bridges, seafronts, office towers, cultural and sports centers, universities and schools to housing facilities and furniture design. The response to each program, context, budget and time availability is necessarily unique, but there is a common denominator which underpins all of the studio’s designs: an understanding of the world and architecture in which common sense and responsibility are the priority. Every project undertaken by the Estudio Carme Pinós is developed around a strong and simple conceptual framework, devised and constantly reviewed by the architect Carme Pinós herself, and designed to suit all those involved. Consistency across every project is also ensured by giving close attention to each and every phase of the commission, from the original outline down to the last detail, lavishing attention on the building process. Throughout the years Estudio Carme Pinós has managed to consolidate a collaborative network of local architects and engineering specialists who work with the studio on a regular basis and who share the same ethos. This particular approach to commissions takes shape in a recognizable formal language in which the studio moves freely: structural and conceptual clarity, material honesty, simplicity and conclusiveness, a search for poetry, etc.

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