The various sheet metal planes relate to each other based on the geometry of a pentagon. The iconic identity achieved by the pentagonal shape allows easy configurations with elements of the same collection.


Metalic parts


RAL 1004


RAL 2001


RAL 3001


RAL 6017


RAL 5005


Yellow 446

Orange 533

Red 666

Green 953

Blue 746


x – 770mm
y – 732mm
z – 772mm

Technical features

Back, seat and legs in sheet steel of various thickness.
The legs are fixed to each other by rivets and fixed to the seat by screws. Back planes are fixed to each other and to the seat through rivets.
The seat includes on the underside a structural MDF plane that allows the legs to be tightened.
Back and seat cushions are made of high-density foam lined with fabric. They are fixed to the back and seat by magnetic discs included inside the cushion.


“Back in 1997, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen and Sven Grooten set up an independent office for architecture: B-architecten was born.
They had met during their education in Antwerp and Amsterdam. At the international oriented Berlage Institute, it became clear that Evert, Dirk and Sven shared a common interest for design.
10 years after the foundation of B-architecten, they started a new initiative together with Sebastiaan Leroy: B-bis architecten, an office that focuses on smaller projects, interiors and furniture design. Since then, B-architecten & B-bis have grown naturally into a team of about 50 people who all share an innovative view on a variety of projects: housing, public buildings, schools, offices, urban design, interior and scenography.
In 2017 B-architecten & B-bis transformed from a classical hierarchical business model with partners running the business on their own towards an organisation focused on self steering employees being heavily involved in the decision making. Today B is a close group of workers carrying a shared responsibility for the entire proces that is being delivered to internal or external clients.”

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